22 March 2007

Promises, promises

Remember, "I won't raise your taxes" and "shutting down all the coal-fired generating plants?"

I wouldn't let Dalton McGuinty walk my dog.

Conservative Leader John Tory lambasted the budget as a spending "buffet" that will leave the province "limping along when it could be running."

"Dalton McGuinty has increased spending by $22.4 billion since he was elected. That's $4,500 for every household in Ontario, but those households don't see the results," Mr. Tory said.

"Despite being awash in cash, Dalton McGuinty continues to push Ontario deeper and deeper into debt."
UPDATE: Leftbot idealogy costly, wasteful

I touched on this very subject last week. Dr. Paul Wong, the surgeon quoted at the end of the article, is the guy who "pimped my gimp."
Knee replacement proposal rejected by government would have saved enough to perform another 276 operations, critic says. "Judging by the minister's rhetoric, it seems to be driven by rigid ideology," Mr. Hudak said

Progressive Conservative finance critic Tim Hudak told the Ontario Legislature yesterday that the savings from the proposal by Don Mills Surgical Unit would have meant another 276 knee operations could be performed at the private Toronto hospital.

Mr. Hudak was responding to stories in The Globe and Mail that revealed how the Ontario government rejected a proposal to do 1,500 knee replacement operations at the private hospital for $5,800 each, which is $1,082 lower than community hospitals are paid per operation.

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Adrian MacNair said...

McGuinty will say, do anything to stay in power. And voters will believe him. Pathetic.

Neo Conservative said...

"Adrian MacNair said... And voters will believe him."

i think people are coming around. did you see lloyd robertson on ctv national bleeding out of his eyes announcing the new poll numbers for the federal conservatives?

outside of metrosexual toronto can the provincial conservatives be far behind?