25 March 2007

Where religion and security collide

I've gotta say, I have a tad more sympathy for a religious sect with a proven history of... pacifism.

Of course, that isn't really the point.

-- HUNTSVILLE, Mo., March 24 (AP) -- The grocer, the butcher, a cabinet maker and several other members of this town’s Mennonite community are planning to move to Arkansas over a Missouri requirement that all drivers be photographed if they want a license.

The Mennonites, a plain-living sect whose members are similar to the Amish but typically more worldly, say the 2004 law conflicts with the Biblical prohibition against the making of “graven images.”
Should the government accommodate an issue like this, that has obvious security ramifications in other parts of the country?

Or are exemptions just a slippery slope?

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Anonymous said...

No, the government should not accomodate in an issue such as this. If photo ID is a driver's licence requirement for some, it must be a requirement for all. There, as well as here, we are fortunate to still be free to make choices. These people are free to choose...driver's licence or no driver's licence. Or, they are free to re-locate to where it may not be a requirement. I would add that in my area there is a large Mennonite population, and they seem to have no problem with a photo along with their driver's licence.

Anonymous said...

Isn't driving a contradiction of their views?

Neo Conservative said...

"Adrian MacNair said... Isn't driving a contradiction of their views?"

they aren't the hardcore horse and buggy guys... it's in the linked article.


Nathan Giesbrecht said...

Ha, this makes me laugh. I'm going to out myself here for the first time ever on the interweb. My last name is Giesbrecht. You will not find a guy who's more Mennonite than I am.

That being said, these folks are idiots. I grew up in Steinbach, Manitoba. It's so Menno that the town had banned booze sales until two years ago (the funny part of the story is that they only banned booze because the women in town wanted to come to the bar... but thats a story for another day). So I know a thing or two about the hard-core Menno's. None of them object to having their photo taken for any reason, even those who are old enough to have been chased out of Europe.

The image of the pacifist Mennonite is also outdated, I believe. During previous wars, Mennonites have historically sat out. But I have a handful of Mennonite friends that are currently serving proudly in Afghanistan. If you were to poll the Mennonite population of Canada, I would bet you'd see 90% support for the war in Iraq, and 110% support for the war in Afghanistan. Mennonite pacifism is more non-aggression than non-violence. As a people, we've been kicked all around the globe, and unlike the Jews, we have no homeland.

Sorry for posting this unnecessary defense here.

Neo Conservative said...

"natedawg said... The image of the pacifist Mennonite is also outdated"

nate... happy to have your input on this. it's an american article, referring to mennonite communities stateside.

do you think your views would apply equally to mennonites south of the border?