13 March 2007

Munchkins of the world... arise!

And burn Hollywood to the ground.

-- TEHRAN, Iran -- The hit American movie "300'' has angered Iranians who say the Greeks-vs-Persians action flick insults their ancient culture and provokes animosity against Iran.

"The film depicts Iranians as demons, without culture, feeling or humanity, who think of nothing except attacking other nations and killing people,'' Ayende-No said in its article Tuesday.
I'm thinking, with Madman Ahmadinejad driving the nuclear train straight towards Paradise, it isn't ancient Persian culture they should be worried about.

If I was an Iranian egghead, with even a smidgen of history under my belt, I'd be more concerned about what's gonna hit the fan in the very near future.

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Anonymous said...

If the film depicts 'Iranians' as a bunch of uncivilized savages - then it's probably quite accurate considering Iran has contributed nothing to the world since Islamification.