30 March 2007

Libs still stalling crime bills...

While civil society burns to the ground.

TORONTO — Six teenagers are charged with first-degree murder in the brutal killing of a 17-year-old boy last summer in Toronto.

Omar Wellington was swarmed in a park northeast of the downtown core, then stripped, beaten and repeatedly stabbed.

The attack took place in broad daylight as dozens of witnesses watched.
It's the law of the jungle in Flemingdon Park, but nobody deserves to die like this.

Meanwhile, Steffi and the Fiberals are mindlessly chanting, "Move along now... nothing to see here."

UPDATE: Young Offenders get soft ride
"I feel happy the investigation is moving forward," she said after eight months of agony, frustration and anger ended with the announcement that six teens, aged 14-17, were charged with the brutal first-degree murder of her son, Omar, 17.

"It's disappointing to know, though, that as young offenders they will be able to walk away," she said.

Sources said the accused appear to have ties with a local gang called the Little Rascals and that Omar may have been associated with them. Two other gangs also share the area, the Stick Up Kids and the Flemo Boys.

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Anonymous said...

'dozens of witnesses' in that area know very well that the thugs will get bailed/probation/suspended sentences/acquited and prey on them if they say or do anything, it's not the fault of the community.

Overwhelmingly Liberal Judges, lawyers and 'community activists' look down their noses at thugs and are self-righteously condescending to them in that they will 'give them a break'.

Communities suffer(not the gated communities where judges live), but the communities where thugs have free rein to prey on people.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Communities suffer(not the gated communities where judges live)

And where Liberals live..

I actually used to live in Flemingdon Park eons ago. It was a great place at first, but things started to go downhill. Sad.

Neo Conservative said...

"Joanne (True Blue) said... I actually used to live in Flemingdon Park eons ago..."

joanne... i once lived in the apartment complex on the northeast side of jane & finch.

i've since read about murders (that's murders, as in more than one) in front of the same building.

it's why i left toronto six years ago. and it's why i'll never go back.