27 March 2007

"We'll shut down the whole town"

Say Mohawks.

Yeah, yeah... "We're all shocked", reply law-abiding Ontarians.

Since Thursday, Mohawk protesters have occupied a quarry near Deseronto owned by Thurlow Aggregates.

The demonstrators have said they will stay until the quarry's licence is revoked and, if it isn't, the protest will expand to the town and surrounding roads.
Thank you very much, Mr. McGuinty.

BIG PICTURE: Who's in charge here?

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First, you take $500-million dollars...
-- OTTAWA -- A beach on James Bay, a paint ball park, a ski hill, a swimming pool, a bowling alley, a hotel, a radio station and a movie theatre.

These are just some of the amenities the residents of the northern Cree community of Kashechewan think the government should provide for them at a new site 30 kilometres up river from the flood-prone existing location.

The community has pegged the cost of the move at nearly $500-million -- and that was before the extras listed above were added to the price tag.

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Durward said...

More native terrorism, how long are we going to put up with this crap?
send in the forces and remove these people.

Neo Conservative said...

"durward said... send in the forces and remove these people"

never happen while mcshifty is premier. they have more important issues, like banning breeds of dogs.


Anonymous said...

OPP fail again, they should be disbanded and replaced by local forces that are less political. McLiar has to go.

Mike said...

"We'll shut the whole town down"

I have no doubt and the county too.. the bridge is next i tell ya ... Hope they have a few more ferries at the ready, or a longggg detour awaits.

TonyGuitar said...

This is a miniature version of how a problem is allowed to grow into an ugly, hard to fix, monster.


Elected authority not doing their duty to solve a problem while it is still fixable.

Consider that not smacking down Hizballah for killing 241 Marines / peacekeepers in Lebanon in 1983 as ordered by president Reagan, appeasement by Sect. Wineberger and more appeasment by Carter and Clinton gives us the monster problem we have today. = TG.