09 March 2007

Those savage, homicidal... Conservatives?

You'd think maybe the Red Star could lay off a little when they're -- for example... reviewing movies.

-- Don't worry about missing a single severed head or impaled torso. Director Snyder frequently switches to slow-mo to savour every appalling act.

And he's not above incorporating a Crucifixion image at the end to drive home his point about the nobility of going to war to defend your nation, a subtext that will make this popular entertainment for Conservatives and Republicans everywhere.
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UPDATE: OTOH, if this reviewer was actually right...
The number of movie-goers for the Warner Bros. epic, "300" outnumbered crowds for the rest of the top-10 movies combined.
Maybe there's a little Conservative in all of us.

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Anonymous said...

I'll feel bad when I go see this in theatres...

Then again, a movie about pacifists that allow the enemy to walk on in probably wouldn't be entertaining to anyone!

Unless of course there were brown envelopes full of money involved.

Neo Conservative said...

"Jordan Alcock said... brown envelopes full of money..."

i'll tell you what i'd pay good money to see... a fiberal caucus meeting where doctor didlittle has to "talk to the animals".

there may be a slaughter on the horizon yet.


Anonymous said...

Leftists usually attack other nations so maybe the writer has a point, it's up to Republicans to defend nations from leftists...

Neo Conservative said...

An actual movie review...

courtesy of kate at small dead animals