27 March 2007

Dalton McGuinty was betting...

You wouldn't find out.

Ontario government officials initially became aware of questions about retailers winning a disproportionate share of jackpots six months before the scandal at its lottery corporation became public last October.

"OLG has turned a blind eye to crime for many years," Mr. Marin said at a news conference. His probe concluded that about $15-million in lottery winnings was paid to "internal fraudsters."
UPDATE: They're called fiberals...

For a very good reason.
On Monday, following a damning report by the provincial Ombudsman, Mr. Caplan said he only learned of a disturbingly high number of wins by lottery "insiders" about 10 days before a televised news investigation into the matter was broadcast in late October.

It emerged yesterday, however, that Mr. Caplan's office fielded a request for information about insider wins six months before the broadcast.
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Who needs enemies?
Top Liberal political advisers plotted damage control in the wake of a startling TV broadcast exposing an insider win scandal at the Ontario Lottery Corp., according to documents obtained by Sun Media.

Warren Kinsella, Jim Warren and others met four days after the Oct. 25, 2006, Fifth Estate program which revealed the story of Bob Edmonds, a 78-year-old lottery customer and cancer survivor who was ripped off of his $250,000 prize by a lottery ticket retailer, the documents show.

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Joanne (True Blue) said...

Just watching QP right now. Caplan is slimier than McGuinty!

Neo Conservative said...

it's genetic... his mommy elinor was an infamous left-omatic political hack.


Anonymous said...

Liberal Ontario endorses fraud and corruption at the polls - regardless of how much it costs.

It won't make a difference to people in Ontario if the government takes more money from their paycheques, or if the people throw it away on a corrupt lottery system, people will support corrupt government either way.

It's as though they believe all the TV commercials. Fools.

Neo Conservative said...

too true, not too hard to shear the sheeple if they are complicit.