27 March 2007

Chinese buying out Chrysler?

Well, if they can take over MG Rover, it's probably not beyond the realm of possibility...

-- Nanjing Automobile has unveiled the first MG cars to be built in China. It bought the bankrupt UK firm MG Rover for £53m ($104m) in 2005.

Nanjing Auto acquired MG Rover's assembly lines and engine technology. It plans to set up an assembly line in Oklahoma next year to supply the US market.

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Anonymous said...

The Chinese need a complete working modern auto that they can dissect and copy and sell if even at a cheap price to first worlders.
(real conservative)

Neo Conservative said...

it worked for japan post-world war two


Ron said...

Duke Hale, the man hired to head up the Oklahoma division has already quit.

The MG's and Rovers that they are building are basically good cars. MG - Rover went under primarily because of its management.

The only benefit Nanjing would have for buying Chrysler would be for the dealer network, something that they don't have now and a hugely expensive component.