26 March 2007

Career Day... Waziristan style

I've heard of aggressive recruiting at school job fairs, but this one takes the cake...

A Pakistani policeman and an Islamic militant leader have been killed in a shoot-out at a private school in the north-western town of Tank, police say.

Another militant was said to have been arrested, while a third was wounded in the clash at the Oxford Public School.

Police say firing broke out after the militant leader, Ehsan Barqi, threw a grenade at them when they tried to stop him addressing students at the college.
Most folks have heard of "Freedom 55."

I guess these guys, just had to show off their centrepiece retirement plan... "Virgins 72".

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Scott Hobbs said...

Throwing a grenade eh? Whatever happened to "hell no I won't go"?

Crazy extremists...

Neo Conservative said...

in pakistan and much of the islamic world, the credo is now, "hell yes, i'll kill your ass."

of course... their mouths are writing cheques their bodies can't cash.


Anonymous said...

I for one would love to live in a town called "Tank". (As long as it wasn't a tank town, of course.) You can see why they're so warlike. Imagine going through high school cheering, "Go, Tanks, go!"

Neo Conservative said...

you should know, and i swear to god it's true, the national sport of the pashtoons in afghanistan and i assume waziristan as well, is bushkazi... a combination of polo and aussie rules football... played with the corpse of a decapitated calf.

fun people... lots of school spirit, i'm guessing