23 March 2007

New York, New York

The recent tragic fire in the Bronx, is shining a light on a previously hidden social issue in the African immigrant community... the prevalence of polygamous marriage.

-- The city’s mourning for the dead — a woman and nine children in two families from Mali — has been followed by a hushed double take at the domestic arrangements described by relatives: Moussa Magassa, the Mali-born American citizen who owned the house and was the father of five children who perished, had two wives in the home, on different floors.

“I know a lady who lives with her husband and another woman in one room, a two-bedroom, with 11 kids,” she said. “I tell her, she has to move — it’s not a life.”

And her own husband? His second wife is 23 now, with three children. And recently, Ms. Kante said, he married a third.
If, as in Canada, the courts are willing to throw out the "one man, one woman" definition of marriage, how on earth can you deal with culturally entrenched polygamy?

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Anonymous said...

Feminists don't mind if a guy owns more than one wife so long as they're not white women.

Neo Conservative said...

that's the part i don't get.

come the sharia revolution, the first infidels to be strung up from the lamp posts, will be the feminists and the leftbot metrosexuals.


Anonymous said...

Neo Conservative, I tried to explain what sharia law would mean (as you stated) to someone at work who is gay. He always brought up his pro-communist, anti-conservative, etc. view....but when I stated the obvious as to what would happen to him and his friends under sharia law, he clammed up, because he didn't know what to say.

He doesn't think. He reacts emotionally from some perceived victimhood from way back when, and this is clouding his logic.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon said... He doesn't think. He reacts emotionally"

as do a lot of people, i suppose, on both sides of the political spectrum.

on an individual basis, homosexuality isn't even on my radar.

it's homosexuality as a political statement, as some kind of brainless, gotta have an annual "stick a dick in the breeder's faces parade" type of thing... that winds me up.

same thing for even a really radical feminist agenda. go live your principles without insisting everyone march with you in andrea dworkin lockstep.

people need to think critically, and just as importantly, not unload their agenda on their neighbours.

life is too short.


Anonymous said...

All these people have assessed the issue correctly. I especially like the last comments.