31 March 2007

Islam is a one way street

The Islamic world does not regard itself as a "big tent" type of religion.

Anyone who is not a Muslim is unequivocally an infidel... but even being a Muslim is no guarantee of safety. As we see in Iraq, different sects of Islam murder each other in appalling numbers on a daily basis.

Apparently there is no equal precept in Islam to, "If you're nice to me, I'll be nice to you." It is, instead, "their way, or the stairway"... to heaven, that is.

Canadian David Frum weighs in...

Under the laws of war, captured soldiers are guaranteed religious freedom. Even the unlawful combatants held at Guantanamo are granted Korans, prayer mats, and prayer times.

Yet Iran has compelled one of its 15 British captives to comply with Islamic religious codes. Significantly, that one is the woman, Faye Turney, who has been required to submit to hijab.

Granted, this last is very far from the worst of Iran's many atrocities.

But it is a reminder again that extremist Islam's determination to subordinate applies to all women, not just Muslim women.

UPDATE: Canadian Cynic is back here yet again

I've told him repeatedly I'm a happily married man... but CC just loves to flirt.

This time he says there's no difference between the Islamofascist terrorists in the Middle East... and the Christian Conservative movement in North America.

You know, CC... you're so right.

If I read about just one more fundamentalist Christian slaughter in North America, I'm gonna be sick.
In Florida, a car bomb outside a hospital in a Baptist stronghold killed five people and wounded 22, police said.

Four people were killed and 20 wounded by a car bomb in the Protestant city of Durham, north-west of Raleigh, North Carolina.
Ok, ok, I confess... those things actually took place in Islamic Iraq... between the Sunnis and the Shias... but don't you just see it happening here with those fanatical, homicidal Christians?

CC does.

It's his usual simplistic bullshit, but... to be honest, I'm just glad he didn't get all homo-erotic on me this time.

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Anonymous said...

European women should take a good look at her, they're next.

Neo Conservative said...

major irony alert...

come sharia law... the libs, dippers and big city metrosexuals will be the first infidels found hanging from the lampposts.


Mark said...

Frum opines exactly my thoughts expressed here the other day. The hijab is a *MASSIVE* symbol to Britain and the free world: you will submit.

And yet the media have remained virtually silent about it...

Wayne said...

CC: has always been a delusional, narcissistic moron, just read his posts.

You would think, that the amount of times he spends reading the BT, that some of their wisdom would rub off on him.

CC will be a grumbling and yappy slave, who will no doubt receive many beatings.

Neo Conservative said...

"Wayne said... CC: has always been a delusional, narcissistic moron"

I picture him as an Allen Varlaki clone.

Sitting alone in his basement apartment... mad at the world.