29 March 2007

Ontario: Looking for a doctor...

Looks like you're out of luck...

Nearly 3,000 doctors in Ontario received their licences in 2006 - a record for certificates issued in a single year by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.

Of the 2,961 licences issued, 63 per cent went to doctors from outside of Ontario.

According to the college's annual report, entitled "Small Triumphs, Big Challenges," 42 per cent of certificates of registration went to international graduates and 37 per cent went to Ontario graduates.

This is the third year in a row where licences for international graduates have exceeded those given to Ontario graduates.
Apparently, the Ontario government is more interested in providing doctors to the rest of the world.

So where does that leave Ontarians?
The report also showed that just 9.6 per cent of doctors in Ontario were accepting new patients in 2006. This is a strong decline from 1999 where 39 per cent of family doctors were taking new patients.
Worse off than ever before, I'd say.

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Erik Sorenson said...

Just add it to the reasons to toss McGuinty out on October 10th. Along with getting rid of coal-fired plants by 2006 (I think it's 2014 now), no tax increases (just forget the $900 Health Tax whopper, OK?), cleaning up MPAC (which didn't take place), dealing with the deficit (his spending rose faster than revenues), the Lottery Corporation ripping off taxpayers and customers, multiple Children's Aid fiascos and at least one death, and on and on and on.

Oh, and about the 226 "promises" that he put his signature to, so that he could get elected? And promptly repudiated the day after he was elected?

Yes, The Great Liar and his bunch of incompetent misfits must go!

Anonymous said...

Suffering while waiting for health care is a Canadian value...

Neo Conservative said...

just another reason to put a successful businessman like john tory at the helm.


Roy Eappen said...

The real problem is that the public system is not enough. Private clinics and surgeries would cut wait times for everybosy. Smithermen's recent dismissal of this issue is quite sad. All other countries with public medicine also have a private system.

Mike said...

Though noone can find a GP ... the Libs tell us in the Smiths Falls area we have enough doc's... More lies.