25 March 2007

Spring Offensive, my ass

They're getting pretty good at sneak attacks that kill and dismember innocent bystanders, but every time these death-donkeys go head to head against actual soldiers... they get their asses handed to them.

You'd think maybe somebody would notice that.

-- KABUL, March 25 (Reuters) -- Afghan and NATO troops killed 12 suspected Islamist insurgents overnight when they tried to attack a military base in a southeastern province on the border with Pakistan, the coalition said on Sunday.

Fighting between the Taliban rebels and troops has escalated with the end of winter in Afghanistan in what is expected to be a crunch year for both sides.

The latest incident took place near Fire Base Tillman in Paktika Province, and the attackers were repulsed with small arms fire, backed by air support and artillery, a statement from the coalition said.

Two coalition and two Afghan soldiers received minor wounds, it added.
Watch for the much vaunted Spring Offensive to revert to more roadside sneak attacks and cowardly suicide bombings.

Because that's who they are.

UPDATE: 27 Mar - Backstabbing cowards

Like I said...
Units from the Gagetown, N.B.-based battle group have been reporting a spike in roadside bombs and random rocket attacks this week in the Zhari, Panjwaii and Maywand districts.

One soldier suffered a badly broken arm and was to be transported to Germany for treatment. The other soldier suffered minor injuries.

Capt. Allen said his soldiers, members of 6 platoon, Hotel company, bounced back quickly from the ordeal. He cited the performance of the two injured soldiers, who didn't report they were hurt until after the attack.

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Scott Hobbs said...

That is why these Taliban cannot compare to the carnage in Iraq. Taliban fighters are cowardly bullies. They run at the first sign of trouble.

Neo Conservative said...

"scott hobbs said... They run at the first sign of trouble."

these guys are bought and paid for by drug money... but they aren't gonna die for 20 bucks a month.


Anonymous said...

This is why it was such a joke at the beginning of this invasion in 2001. The assholes in the MSM were assuring everyone that the Afghans were invincible "super-soldiers" who had defeated the mighty USSR.
The truth was even when the Afghans went up against hardened Russian troops or Russsian special ops units the Afghans got their asses kicked every time. The only time they were successful was when they were going up against the usual non-russian speaking 17 year old draftees that were trucked in as cannon fodder. That and shooting down aircraft with CIA supplied weapons made the Afghans look far more dangerous than they actually are.

Neo Conservative said...

one of the tv stations, probably ctv, trots out the same clip every time they mention the taliban.

the raggedy-ass old men look like the line outside the homeless shelter at queen and sherbourne in toronto.


Anonymous said...

they were only 'suspected Islamic militants' though, it may have been the Vienna Boys Choir but the media will never ever know or bother to find out either way...