22 March 2007

It's what the French are famous for...


-- PARIS: -- The French government dismissed a top regional education official Wednesday for vigorously opposing a new Muslim school and publicly complaining about pressure from Paris to stop obstructing its opening.

The school project aroused some suspicion because its founders belong to the Union of French Islamic Organizations, a national body with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.
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Quebec's electoral law requires that voters produce an ID card with picture to confirm who they are before they are handed a ballot.

However, electoral workers have been told in training sessions that Muslim women who refuse to show their faces can still go ahead and vote.
QUEBEC UPDATE: Surrendering the surrender
Marcel Blanchet, the province's chief returning officer, has reversed an earlier decision and has now concluded Muslim women must remove their face coverings, or niqabs, when they vote.

Blanchet's initial decision prompted non-Muslim citizens to threaten they would show up at polling stations wearing masks.

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Anonymous said...

The Islamic Republic of France.

Neo Conservative said...

Remember how they covered themselves with glory recently in Lebanon?

"Someone must know the answer... why do the French have an army?"