29 March 2007

Hostage crisis in Iran...

Should have been avoidable.

After several similar incidents previously occurred to other NATO vessels, it seems that force protection should have been adjusted to deal with this type of possible confrontation.

Australian vessels have had several tense incidents with Iranian gunboats in the area.

On December 6, 2004, crew from HMAS Adelaide were sent to check a cargo ship run aground at the mouth of the Shat al-Arab, but once the Australians boarded the vessel they were surrounded by six heavily armed Iranian gunboats.

Following a long and tense stand off, all members of the boarding party were winched into an Australian helicopter and to safety.
It doesn't speak well for tactical planners that no one thought to have constant helicopter overwatch on all NATO boarding parties.

It's too late for Faye, but I bet they do now.

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Blackstone said...

Either that or the mothership shouldn't wander away so far. But then again, I don't know naval doctrine.

Neo Conservative said...

apparently it was an area the mothership could not go into... either depth, or narrowness of the body of water.

helicopters can go anywhere, carry serious bang-bang and can evac personnel if required.


Anonymous said...

We dont know enough to question what happened

Neo Conservative said...

" Anonymous said... We dont (sic) know enough to question what happened"

don't you question issues precisely for that reason? to get answers?

pls explain... how do you know when you know enough to start talking about things?

i'm guessing it must be awfully quiet in your house.