18 September 2021


Ah, yes... CBC doing their customary anecdotal 'deep dive' investigation...

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"'He's very nice, humble, courteous and always invites people at his place. He's a very hospitable person,' Khan told CBC News." --
From Faqir Ali's own website... it's a precipitous fall to Hamilton, Ontario...
"Was a successful entrepreneur in Central London, England; with also having the privilege of working with Onassis oil to broker a deal on their behalf all while running a successful real estate business."
Wait a minute... are we talking about the same financial mogul?
"On September 4th, 2018, the Hamilton Small Claims Court ordered Faqir Muhammad Ali of Mississauga (date of birth: January 17th, 1958) to pay $11,908.00 in damages and legal costs to a Brampton man after failing to repay a loan."
“He identifies himself as a ‘Lawyer, Businessman, Spiritual Leader and Public Figure,'” the law firm said. “However, as of the date of publication of this post, Mr. Ali does not appear in the Law Society of Ontario’s directory of lawyers.