19 September 2021


Yes, Inspector... it's a mystery...

"'What I can tell you so far is it appears that four people dressed in dark clothing approached on foot, and all four of them apparently opened fire on these three men,' Insp. Michael Williams said." -- 
Apparently local hunters, farmers and skeet shooters are still on the Toronto PD bubble 

UPDATE HOMICIDE #61/2021insert alt text here
-- "Police have identified the man killed when four suspects opened fire in Regent Park Saturday evening 27-year-old Thane Murray from Toronto." --
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-- OTTAWA - "The killings of Abdulrahman Al-Shammari and Dirie Olol left a “trail of carnage” across the city’s residential west end on July 24, 2017, as Crown witnesses in Alam Buoc’s double murder trial this past week described for the jury the bloody aftermath." --
-- "A 29-year-old Toronto man, Alaa Ali Jerjazi, has been charged in connection with a slew of alleged sexual assaults." --