25 June 2018

"Slaughter by the Water" continues apace

Another man dead following shooting downtown... but you're gonna need your decoder ring...toronto's most wanted

“The gunplay is for the most part people who have high-risk lifestyles,” Police Chief Mark Saunders said. “If you don’t have a high-risk lifestyle you are in good shape relatively speaking.”
Unless, of course, you get caught in the crossfire.

Remember, folks... these aren't merciless, homicidal thugs... they're simply individuals who enjoy a "high risk" lifestyle. You know... like these guys...
The victims of Homicide #45 & #46 have been identified as Patrick McKenna, 20 and Dalbert Allison, 40, both of Toronto.
And then, there's...
Police have identified the latest victim in the city’s recent gun violence spree as 41-year-old Brent Young.
Curiously... not a peep from Black Lives Matter Toronto.

PS... So far this year, Toronto has seen 48 homicides, compared to 23 during the same period last year.


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Peel Regional Police have laid charges against a 27-year-old man after a burning vehicle with a body inside was found in Mississauga over the weekend. The victim was 71 years old, according to court documents.

Mississauga-resident Ainar Gancthev was charged with second-degree murder and arson.


Anonymous said...

old white guy asks-----------------does the city have a vibrant police chief?

Neo Conservative said...

don't know how vibrant he is, but he
ain't gonna be splittin' the atom any
time soon.