08 June 2018

Another story you won't see...

...on Canada's "national broadcaster"...liar,liar

As the editorial rightly asked all those 18 years ago, "shouldn’t the son of a former prime minister be aware of the rights and wrongs that go along with public socializing?"

“Didn’t he learn through his vast experiences in public life, that groping a strange young woman isn’t in the handbook of proper etiquette regardless of who she is, what her business is, or where they are.”
Or how about this other hopey-dopey hero of the social justice movement?obummer
"When it comes to the Iran nuclear deal, the Obama administration increasingly appears to have been a bottomless pit of deception."

Then, we learned that the Obama administration had secretly sent a plane to Tehran loaded with $400 million in Swiss francs, euros and other currencies on the same day Iran released four American hostages, which was followed by two more secret flights carrying another $1.3 billion in cash.


Anonymous said...

now I'm starting to see why the CBC dislikes the Sun newspaper so much...

Neo Conservative said...

yes, the 24/7 "justin" network
has no use for sunmedia... or
any other purveyor of unwieldy

wake up, folks... and smell the


Stuck in T.O. said...

Ugh. He makes me ill.

Watch out, perv, we're coming for you next.

Tim said...

But he's a Liberal..therefore above the law. And "morals and ethics" are for the Little People.