29 June 2018

Canada Day long weekend...

...and bullets will be flying in Justin's post national state...

“The first officers on scene found two victims of an apparent shooting,” said York Regional Police Staff-Sgt. Dave Mitchell. “We’re not releasing any more information. We know who the people are involved, but the homicide investigators are here, and there’s an active plea for witnesses.”
They know who the victims are... but it's a big hairy ball secret.


UPDATE: Commisso, Commisso... that sounds so familiar...
Investigators identified the victims as Cosimo Commisso, 33, of Vaughan and 26-year-old Chantelle Almeida of Toronto.

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A male and a female required treatment in hospital after they were shot on a street corner in the city’s Moss Park neighbourhood overnight. Toronto police say that at about 1 a.m. Friday morning, a male and female were standing near Jarvis and Shuter streets when they were approached by a suspect in a car.

Police described the suspect as a woman.

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Police are investigating after multiple shots were fired at a home on Orpington Crescent near Kipling Avenue and Albion Road at around 4 a.m.
Oh Canada.


Anonymous said...

Cosimo, son of Cosimo?

Guess we might get to 100 this year... I was skeptical since the 48 so far includes a unrelated event (the van attack) to our current scrambling

Neo Conservative said...

if the gangsters are getting into it
along with the gangbangers, there
could be a lot more bodies hitting
pavement before we're done.


Anonymous said...

The last round involving the commisso's ending up with 18 bodies if I recall correctly, along with a HA member turning into a snitch.

Miss Almeida appears to be a collateral.

Neo Conservative said...

"Miss Almeida appears to be a collateral."

that is the problem... innocent civilians
catching a stray in the fray... i mean
who cares if grandmaster p-trap gets
smoked by his homies?

clint eastwood said it best, "nuthin'
wrong with a little shooting... as
long as the right people get shot


Anonymous said...

Well, we don't know if she was "known to police" or not.