30 June 2018

Diversity is our strength...

...right, Justin?death wish

"The Islamic Humanitarian Service, whose director Sheikh Shafiq Hudda, called for the ‘eradication’ of Israel got Canada Summer Jobs cash for last 4 years."


Anonymous said...

old white guy says--------------the evil just goes on and on. it is beginning to look like a third world war is in the cards because sooner or later civilized people are going to have to take action to restore their freedom. liberals, beware.

Neo Conservative said...

justin trudeau is mp for the poorest
riding per capita in the country. it
also has the highest percentage of
muslim residents. draw your own


Larry Rasczak said...

Today it suddenly occurred to me why Trump is not worried about Canadian taraffs.

100 dollar a barrel surcharge on Canadian oil.

That is why he knows he will win any trade war.