10 June 2018


Obviously, the New Democratic Party is all about...
"the children"...insert alt text here

"I feel like he shouldn’t be allowed to handle knives, or sharp objects of any kind for that matter."
#todaysNDP #NDP #LiberalismIsAMentalDisease
nb. - Andrea's poor little boy is 25 years old.


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In a clear sign that the incoming PC government in Ontario will stand up for Canadian principles, Premier-Designate Doug Ford says that the anti-Semitic Al Quds Day will not be allowed.

"In the past, Al Quds Day has featured calls for genocide against Israel, horrendous anti-Semitic statements, and direct calls for violence. It’s a radical extremist event that has no place in a civilized nation."
Straight talk from the guy who didn't give Omar Khadr 10 million taxpayer dollars.


Frances said...

Interesting that a fair few respondents thought the Horvath scion would win because of his testosterone advantage. M'self, I think this whole thing was unworthy of Ezra; the kid obviously has enough problems and doesn't need to be piled on.

Neo Conservative said...

sorry, mummy chose to trot him out
and make him a public figure... he's
fair game.

if this is what andrea horwath does
to her own kid, what'll she do to


Anonymous said...

I think his appearance at age 25 does signal a level of family distinction. For me, it certainly calls into question Horwath's parenting skills, although the loss of a father would also be a factor. I know tgar sometimes kids are just bad eggs, but at 25, he is not showing any signs of maturity. Regardless, something is amiss, and the young man needs help.

Neo Conservative said...

he obviously needed some parenting
which was conspicuously absent...
the metal dimple piercings, the
man-bun and the various bizarre
tats... including a betty boopesque
neck tattoo do not bode well for
ever being gainfully employed.

good thing horwath has her gold
plated mp pension.