12 June 2018

A litmus test for Premier-elect Ford

Here's a chance for Doug Ford to show that he can rise above "same old, sleazy backroom" party politics...

"Leaked emails show Caroline Mulroney’s former boss shared concerns over the PC party criticizing a controversial casino deal, while Wynne’s war room strategist rode the revolving door between government and lobbying for the same deal."
Mr Ford should remember, courage is courage, wherever you may find it...
To call this a minor triviality of Canadian life is to ignore one of the country’s highest-profile policy debates of the past half-decade. In 2012, centrist Liberal politician Martha Hall Findlay provoked the conversation by running for her party’s leadership on what was a mostly one-issue campaign to abolish dairy tariffs.


dmorris said...

If God had been paying attention,Martha Hall-Findlay would have won the LPC leadership race.She was the only candidate that wasn't a lifetime trough hog and had actually worked for a living.

Instead the Party wisely as it turns out,chose the Grinning Idiot and leapt from third to FIRST!

The CPC has it's own Grinning Idiot now to challenge the Liberal GI.

It's a good time to be nearing the end of life.