17 December 2016

The enlightened heart of Ontario...

...spits out its latest victims...

One of two females stabbed in the Dufferin and College streets area Friday night has died of their injuries, Toronto police have confirmed.

UPDATE: Murdered woman id'd
Sarah Vermelhudo, 38, of Toronto, succumbed to her injuries in hospital and was pronounced.

The other woman was treated and is expected to make a full recovery.
Toronto police are asking for the public’s help to track down a Volvo sedan in connection with the abduction of a woman in North York early Thursday morning.

UPDATE2: Another one bites the dust...
Homicide detectives have identified a 22-year-old man who was found dead in the stairwell of an apartment building in Weston on Saturday following a shooting. Officers say the man – identified Sunday as Kareem Hastings of Toronto – was found in a building at 2089 Lawrence Avenue West, near Weston Road shortly before 3 p.m.
Who are you people? How can you stand to live in the middle of all this daily mayhem?

Toronto Homicide Victim List 2016

Murders in 2016 not counting above: 65 (55 in 2015)

January 2016
#1 –Joseph Petit
#2 –Annunziata Melaragno
#3 –Alfredo Patriarca
# 4 –Alva Dixon
#5 –Tevin James
#6 –Adedotun Agunbiade
#7 –Rocco Zito
#8 –David Eminess
#9 – Quinn Taylor
#10 –Sylvia Consuelo

#11 –Saed Kaylie
#12 – John Doe
#13 –Kiowa Wind McComb
#14 –John Doe
#15 –Bryan Agyei
#16 –Husani Robinson

#17 –John Doe
#18 –Kenneth Oxley
#19 –Josiah Haye
#20 –Eleanor Campbell
#21 –Ceyon Carrington

#22 –Julian Weekes
#23 –Julio Soto
#24 –Daniel John Lypka
#25- Gabriel Nikov
#26 –Abdullah Farah
#27 –Cynthia Mullapudi
#28 –Joseph Anzolona

#29 –Candice Rochelle Bobb
# 30 –Ramsey Whitefish

#31 –John Doe
#32 –Christopher McLean
#33 –Sukhvir Deo

#34 –Justin Bokma
#35 –Lafrance Matthews
#36 –George Auld
#37 -Abdirizak Hersi
#38 – John Doe
#39 –Jenyon Middleton
#40 – Stephen Russell

#41 – Katherine (Kathy) Plytas
#42 – Steven Doyle
#43 – Melissa Cooper (the homicide took place in April 2016)
#44 – John Ignagni
#45 – John Doe
#46 – John Doe
#47 – Jane Doe
#48 – Peggy Ann Smith


#49 – Kiesingar Gunn
#50 – John Doe
#51 – David Brenner
#52 – Kareem Deerr


#53 – Maninder Singh Sandhu
#54 – Jarryl Hagley
#55 – John Doe
#56 – Mohamed Omer
#57 – Kevin Gidden

#58 – Julian Jones
#59 – Adrian Thomas
#60 – John Doe
#61 – Marcus Gibson

#62 – Elana Fric Shamji
#63 –Vitaliy Ferynskyy
#64 – Ardian Kaloshi
#65 – John Doe



You might wanna recheck your math...
"The Somali sisters’ killings were the 23rd and 24th in Ottawa this year. That number now ties 1995’s total of 24 homicides as the highest for a single year in the past three decades."
From the religious community that brought you Mohammad Shafia.


Anonymous said...

I went to high school in Toronto at the end of the sixties and I remember when Toronto was safe. Sad to see it deteriorate as Ottawa is doing now with its immigrant gangs.

Anonymous said...

owg says..........they have at least one live witness yet no idea who did the crime.

Bill E said...

It's little Chicago - BTW, what type of yuppie gangsta drives a Volvo?

Neo Conservative said...

remember, back in the day, you had a beef with somebody... out came the guns?

yeah... me neither.


Adam Norman said...

Rose-coloured glasses filter out data, but the murder rate in Toronto has been declining for 50 years.


Neo Conservative said...

not quite, adam...

"As has been the case for more than 30 years, shootings and stabbings continued to be the most common methods to commit homicide in 2012. There were 172 shootings in 2012, up from 158 in 2011."

while the aggregate number of deaths may have declined, it is not due to less violence... but rather the introduction of advanced life support paramedics and the introduction of trauma centres specifically trained to deal with penetrating trauma, such as gunshots and stab wounds.

prior to the 1970's ambulance drivers had virtually no medical training. they were basically "hearse jockeys."

big city als medics now carry chest tubes specifically to deal with gunshots. we now have dedicated "guns & gangs units" which "black lives matters" continues to characterise as racist over-policing.

i've addressed this matter previously...

"Statistics Canada reports the national homicide rate fell to 1.85 homicides per 100,000 population but adds that rates for other serious violent crimes – such as attempted murder, serious assaults and robberies – rose in both 2005 and 2006."

"84 youth aged 12 to 17 were accused of homicide in 2006, the highest rate since data was first collected in 1961."

"In 1962, there were slightly more than 200 violent crimes committed per 100,000 population. In 2007, that number spiked to 930 violent crimes per 100,000 population. In other words, we are a much more violent society today than we were in recent history."

you see a glass half full, my friend... i see a glass cracked & leaking.


Neo Conservative said...

ps... dear adam... you cherrypicked the data from 2012... let's ask a guy who presumably knows what he's talking about...

"Toronto police Chief Bill Blair says that the city remains a safe place to live, despite an increased number of shootings throughout this year. 'There were no murders this weekend, there were a number of shooting occurrences,' he said."

oh, yeah... that increase in "shooting occurrences" was a hair shy of 30%.

just saying.


Neo Conservative said...

pps... dear adam...

ottawa hits highest number of homicides for a single year in the past three decades.

main post updated