15 December 2016

Libranos don't seem to know...

...whether they're sucking or blowing...puff the magic liberal

"Montreal's mayor is vowing the city will do whatever it can to stop a Canadian chain of recreational marijuana shops that plan to sell cannabis across the city starting today. Mayor Denis Coderre sent a tweet out Wednesday morning saying there would be "zero tolerance" shown to those who don't respect current laws."
But, but, but... Justin said we could.


COMPARE & CONTRAST: Mummy knows best
Margaret Trudeau, who suffers from bipolar disorder, spoke openly with reporters about her experience with depression and the effect of her long-term marijuana use. "Marijuana can trigger psychosis," said Trudeau. "Every time I was hospitalized it was preceded by heavy use of marijuana."

Trudeau was hospitalized three times for mental illness.
Watch the doinks over at Rabble eat each other up over this one.


UPDATE: Dopers just wanna have fun
Pot enthusiasts lined up around the block in the cold temperatures right until closing time at several newly opened marijuana shops in Montreal Thursday. Police did not intervene.

Montreal police warned that they will intervene in the coming hours or days.
Way to go, Mayor Coderre.


UPDATE2: Nobody actually listens to poor Denis
A long-time aide to Mayor Denis Coderre was fired on Thursday. The mayor's office issued a brief statement saying Jean-Francois Thibault was dismissed for what was called ‘unacceptable behaviour.’

A video obtained by the TVA network Thursday appears to show Thibault smoking crystal meth.


Anonymous said...

Seems the fallout from Marijuana has dribbled down to Sonny Boy.
The whole family suffers from psychosis and more.
As for Coderre - he suffers from everything in the medical books.

John the Mad said...

Given that it is remarkable that her son Justin is the champion of legalized pot use.

Bill E said...

The princeling comes from a lineage of obstinate arrogance, now this Truedough gen is genetically simple as well - it's in the genes Neo - he's taken this genetic arrogance trait and used his dull intellect to rationalize his stupid arrogant contrariness as "Uber progressiveness".

He literally believes making stupid contrary statements into law is Progressive - and of course he is the Prince of progressives and every peasant in the land shall know him by his mighty contrary deeds!

Neo Conservative said...

and, of course, the media has jumped on the bandwagon to normalise drug use... so that all the potheads are now screaming, "give me my medicine!"