20 December 2016

The capricious and unknowable...

..."Will of Buddha, er... Shiva, wait... Odin, no, uh... Jesus... oh, yeah... that guy, AGAIN...smelly hippies
GERMAN Chancellor Angela Merkel is facing a backlash after 12 people were killed when an attacker ploughed through innocent revellers at a Christmas market in a truck.

The country’s far-right leaders have blasted the chancellor’s “open-door” immigration policy for sparking the attack in Berlin – and even her own party is putting the boot in.

Merkel – who attended an award ceremony to celebrate the International Day of Migrants the day of the attack – said she was “shocked and shaken” by the tragedy.

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The left-wing press echoed the social media outrage in alarmist headlines. “Outrage as police officers armed with huge guns pose with children at Christmas market”, read the Evening Standard.

“Safety is the last message this presence is sending out. It's sad, and an extreme over reaction to a very slim chance of a terrorist attack. More likely to be hit by a drink driver.”

LAST WORD: You can run...
Earlier Tuesday, Daesh, claimed responsibility for Sunday’s shootings which killed nine Jordanians and a tourist from Canada. Sunday’s shootings were the bloodiest in Jordan in recent memory and raised new concerns about the rise of Islamic militancy in the pro-Western kingdom.
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