29 December 2016

Codetalkers... again

A man was rushed to hospital after an apparent drive-by shooting in the northwestern part of the city on Wednesday night.
Specifically, please?
It happened just after 6:30 p.m. on Driftwood Ave., east of Jane St.
Sigh... of course it did.


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...I get around...
Police are investigating after a man was shot in the King Street West and Spadina Avenue area before 3 a.m this morning.

No suspect information is available yet. Police said the victim's age is also not yet clear.
CBC News motto... "No news is good news."


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Both suspects are described as indigenous, in their early twenties.
Just some payback for stealing their land, right?


LAST WORD: Violence is down, right?
Canada’s largest city has seen 69 homicides so far this year, a 25 per cent increase from 2015 and the highest number of homicides in Toronto since 2008.

The homicide unit currently has 18 unsolved murders from 2015, and this year, they are dealing with close to double that number.


Bill E said...

I don't understand the point of reporting to the public on criminals at large then giving no identifying description - amybe the police don't want our help, they must have this all wrapped up before the APB goes out - ya think?

Neo Conservative said...

it's funny... when the caucasian son of a toronto real estate dynasty murdered his girlfriend down in lotus land, the canadian media couldn't stop yammering about it.

double standard much?