23 December 2016

No left turn

The results of these decades of indoctrination was plainly visible in the college students of today, who are all so left-wing by default that they consider standard Marxism too old-fashioned and conservative.

That’s why Trump’s victory is so historically significant: It is a major paradigm shift in the arc of history that completely destroys the leftists’ long-term game plan, past, present and future.


Bill E said...

Great catch on this blog entry Neo, I’m bookmarking this blog. I’m becoming a lapsed libertarian where dogmatic leftism is concerned, because libertarianism only works in a population where reason is accepted and open debate is valued to arrive at valid truthful conclusions – the new left have rejected debate, even the Hegelian argumentation which always favors errant Marxist “thesis” in its synthesis – rejected for single minded single party state authoritarianism – today’s indoctrinated unreasoning left is best described as a form of Rousseauian coercive tribalism mated to Fascist militancy.

I don’t debate with raw unreasoning aggression and enmity, I consider it a public menace and act accordingly.

Neo Conservative said...

bill... this one spoke to me as well.