16 December 2016


We need your contributions right now to keep America’s snowflakes from melting away.
Need an example of a snowflake? How about the "management team" that destroyed a man's livelihood and put a dozen people on the unemployment line?
Veritas Café operator Sandor Dosman says he tried to have some fun with the help wanted ad after posting multiple ads that drew little response. It worked — he got dozens of applications from people who wanted the job.

Running the café was Mr Dosman's primary source of income, and a paycheque for 11 employees.
Let the WLU-GSA snowflakes know what you think.


Frances said...

Have an offspring who is considered a millennial (and so, I am advised, is the boss of the department depending on how one picks the years). Said boss is in no way a special snowflake; devoted to family but also seriously fixated on work and what has to be done. Offspring agrees with this, and will angrily deny any connection to millennials; will often criticize them.

Back in the day, another offspring had occasion to sit through a session so "senior" staff could understand the new generation of workers. Said offspring came home muttering, and commenting that younger sibling did not exhibit any of those characteristics. Said sibling did and does not; but then we were older parents, confident in our values, and determined to send out into the world young adults who would be contributors, not takers. I think we've managed that.

Bill E said...

Love it! Snowflake rescue and sponsorship charity - a safe space at the right place and time - oh the humanity!

Neo Conservative said...

i cannot help wondering what future generations will think of the millennials and their safe spaces & trigger warnings... probably much like how we now view phrenology.


Neo Conservative said...

post updated