16 September 2014

Rumour has it...

Olivia Chow will announce mandatory "plastic cutlery within GTA" campaign plank...

TORONTO - A man is dead and another is in police custody after a stabbing at a North York home Sunday night.
Maybe it's something in the water.


UPDATE: More arrests made
TORONTO - Two men wanted for last week’s killing of a 60-year-old man in the city’s west end have been arrested.

Jamal Hassan, 22, and Gonffa Krow, 20, both of Toronto, each face charges of second-degree murder and assault causing bodily harm.


Anonymous said...

Thats fine in the minds of the left, gives more power to the crowbar, hammer, tree branch, baseball bat, broken chair leg, nailgun, etc, whelding attackers.

Above all, nothing makes an illeagle gun whelding criminals who ignore gun bans, be all the more empowered, knowing he or they are the only ones besides police who are carrying.

If a person wants to take your life in a fit of rage, they will reach for the sharpest object within reach. Even if they have to break it half with their thumb first to give it an edge.

Frankly, I would rather be shot in the face or "eye" then stabbed there.

Are they going to ban bare fist?
I bet if both those guys were armed with pistols, the equal footing would of forced thrm to be more tactful in how they interacted with each other.
Knowing they could each potentially end each others life in an instant, instead of one beliving he has the upper hand cuz he is bigger or has a knife.

Mutually assured injuries or death eliminates a negative outcome because its so apparent illogical conclusion at the start of the thought process that it is not acted upon.

Forces them to work through each others issues or take the long around them. Either way, they actually end up living longer to potentially make ammends or distance themselves.

Similarly, that kept nuclear war from triggering and prevented many other conventional conquests from ever being considered in the first place.

If the left can claim the term "jobs saved" with scant to none evidenced, then I can claim wars, stabbings, muggings, shootings prevented, given all the historical and modern day to day instances to back it up.
Gun free zones are always more dangerous when compared to municipalities without gun controls. The exceptions have very little to do with gun laws.

Neo Conservative said...

hmmm... that's certainly the long way around.

how about... a citizen should have the right to defend himself, his family and his property.

possessing the means to defend these things flows only from that right. a right we don't have entrenched in our constitution.

your assumption that people operate on reason and logic is flawed.

one need only watch the nightly news or an episode of the tv show "cops" to see how the world really works. this planet is full of psychopaths who cheerfully slaughter each other because their greed or tribe or religion countenances or encourages their actions.

i'm not going to waste time trying to create a level playing field... i'll simply do what is necessary to defend me and mine.

don't overthink this. utopia does not exist. take care of you and yours.