23 September 2014

Oh, c'mon... what's all the fuss about?

It's not like she was caught butt-naked in a house of ill-repute...money for deedsHmmm...

For $25, a donor received a handwritten thank-you note from Ms. Borg. For $50, she would say a donor’s name in Parliament. A $500 donation bought dinner with the MP. And for $1,000, she would utter the Star Trek line “Resistance is futile” in Parliament, a nod to the Star Trek alien race that shares her name.
I'm beginning to understand why the NDP is so enthusiastic about legal prostitution.


"And getting paid to say the Star Trek line, she's basically acting like a clown. It's like she's dancing on a table for money. What would she do for $1500 or $2000?"


Anonymous said...

Wonder what the cost is for NOT having one's name said in Parliament?

Neo Conservative said...

i can't get over the fact that we pay ms borg and her ilk a salary at all.

there has to be a recall clause that can be enacted in cases of abuse like this.