24 September 2014

Remember back in high school...

...somebody pissed you off... you'd shank 'em and step over their bleeding body?

Yeah... me neither.

A 19-year-old male student is dead after being stabbed at a high school in Rexdale over the noon-hour Tuesday.

“Emergency responders arrived and found the victim suffering from stab wounds to his face and stomach.”
Rexdale, Rexdale... that sounds so familiar.
The suspect is described as a black male about age 17 with medium height and build and wearing a blue T-shirt.
Just another day in the hood.


REXDALE NEWSFLASH: Cops nab other school killer
In January, police issued a Canada-wide warrant for a 23-year-old Reshane Hayles-Wilson, of Mississauga.
Hayles-Woilson was arrested Monday and charged with first-degree murder.


jwkozak91 said...

The Post's Chris Selly favourably compared Chi-town over The Big Smoke yesterday on Twitter. Iowahawk picked it up, and one of Mr. Burge's followers later posted the money quote of the thread: "As a Chicagoan, this only makes me think that Toronto must be quietly falling apart at the seams."

Neo Conservative said...

i just spent a couple of days in downtown toronto and the number of metally ill people roaming around downtown shouting at invisible enemies blew my mind.

how do people live and work in such a place?