24 September 2014

Preach Peace...

Wage War...divine right of kings

Eight of the 22 airstrikes that began Monday night Washington time were aimed at targets associated with an alleged al-Qaeda cell in Aleppo called the Khorasan group, an organization so obscure that U.S. officials had never even mentioned it by name until a week ago.

By Tuesday, officials across the Obama administration and U.S. military were describing the group as an “imminent threat” to this country.
Rules are for little people. Thank goodness President Obama (unlike his bloodthirsty predecessor) has access to those special cruise missiles that don't cause collateral damage (aka non-combatants, women & children).


WEASEL WORDS: Dear Mr PresidentcodetalkerAir strikes and cruise missiles don't 'dismantle'... THEY DISEMBOWEL.

This isn't like breaking up a rowdy frat party... it's premeditated homicide. That's part of the job.

Maybe Obama should get a Nobel prize for fiction.