19 September 2014

It makes at least as much sense...

...as an alleged Roman Catholic whipping the pro-abortion vote...

Trudeau was criticized last year when he was asked which country he admires the most and replied China because having a dictatorship can allow it to turn the Chinese economy around “on a dime.
You may not have as much freedom under a Liberal oligarchy... but I betcha Dear Leader Justin makes sure all the trains run on time.


OTTAWA - Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau refused to answer when asked if convicted terrorist Hiva Alizadeh - a Canadian-Iranian dual citizen sentenced to 24 years in prison this week - is the type of Canadian whose citizenship his party wouldn't revoke.
Nice hair... shame about the brainwhere's the shiny pony


Harkov said...

I'm going to guess beforehand that the question was from a SunNews reporter.......

Just checked, and wouldn't you know it? :D

The Fop only answers questions from pre-approved, sycophantic media sources.

Neo Conservative said...

the shiny pony opens his mouth at his peril.

i can't believe the liberal party lets him out on his own.