21 September 2014

Here's the real difference

Justin Trudeau has busloads of post-menopausal Facebook cheerleaders... Stephen Harper has principles.its called treasonRemember when treason wasn't a stepping stone to a six figure book deal? Finally, someone is willing to act.

The government has begun invalidating the passports of Canadians who have left to join extremist groups in Syria and Iraq, Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander revealed in an interview on Friday.
That's my Prime Minister.


EQUAL TIME: Ask a Liberal leader

Where does the "abortions and dope on demand" party stand on terrorism?


Anonymous said...

There has never been a terror attack on Canadian soil. But I would be willing to bet that, God forbid, if Justin ever got elected we would see the first terror attack in Canadian history which would be a 9/11 or Boston bombing style thing. This is very sad because Harper has done an excellent job of protecting Canada from terrorists.

bertie said...

Well,,UMM,,AWW,,hmmm,,gotta go comb my hair sorry can't answer you now.

Neo Conservative said...

justin has that whole "loved my dad, now they love me" gray haired original hippie chick vote in the bag.

yeah, yeah, we get it... he's so dreamy. now go back to your harlequin fairy stories and your "fifty shades of get a freakin' life" and stay out of things that actually matter.

anybody with half a brain can see what a simpleton the shiny pony actually is.

canada has yet to recover from st pierre increasing the national deficit by a factor of 10. gawd only knows what damage lil pierre could do if the sheeple had their way.

fortunately for all of us... this dumb bunny can't keep his mouth shut. he's making a mockery of the so-called pro choice movement... he's an ardent supporter of the cuban and chinese dictatorships... and he's soft on the folks who use decapitation as a motivational strategy.

justin is the gift that keeps on giving.


jwkozak91 said...

Yes, there have been terror attacks in Canada. Low-scale sometimes one or two casualties per, no mass casualty attacks; but terror attacks still.

Neo Conservative said...

i'm pretty sure justin isn't bright enough to own pets... never mind run a country.

the conservatives should hire him a bus and send him on a cross-country tour. the more he talks, the more people see he's an intellectual lightweight.