01 December 2011

Industry, huh?

So does that mean they're gonna call in the Industrial Safety Board?
victimless crime, huh?

• Toronto • Police say a woman who was found lying in the street with a gunshot wound to the head in the early hours of Tuesday was working in the sex-trade industry.

Leanne Freeman, 23, was originally from Winnipeg but had lived and travelled throughout Ontario, according to police.
Somebody wanna explain to me why prostitution is always being described as a "victimless" crime?

Then, there's the guy who was run over by a car after collapsing during a fight... and, oh yeah...
Toronto police are investigating a suspicious death after a passerby called them to an SUV with a man’s body inside on Wednesday morning.
Bright lights, big city.


UPDATE: Oops... almost missed one
• TORONTO • Police are investigating after finding a body in a parked car in North York.

A person walking by the car parked near Willowdale Ave. and Bishop Ave in the Yonge St. & Finch Ave. W. area noticed the body in an SUV and called police at 1:15 p.m. on Friday.
Crime is down, huh? I can't wait for the weekend.


Norm said...

"She trying to get her life back on track." Every prostitute, junkie, street person, drive by "targeted" shooting victim was "trying to get their life back on track" or some such variation on the meme.
Do reporters have a check off boxes for items to include in the report?

Neo Conservative said...

like a sad joke... virtually every one of these violently deceased junkies, whores or bangers was apparently on the verge of getting off welfare, or quitting that part-time bicycle courier job to enroll in university and satisfy their secret lifelong ambition of being a doctor or an astrophysicist.

i guess the families have to try rationalise the loss somehow... it's not like they're gonna cop to piss-poor, or too often, non-existent parenting.