06 December 2011

Ninety million dollars... no paper trail...

Does Chief Theresa Spence even have to make out a tax return?
too many chiefs, not enough auditors
• Attawapiskat • "It's nothing new for chiefs from coast to coast to be called out for accountability, Mr. Atleo acknowledged. Ms Spence “has demonstrated transparency and accountability.”
I think the first order of business here is to buy Shawn Atleo a new dictionary...
The people of Attawapiskat kicked out the third-party manager when he arrived on Monday.
I've seen Chief Spence on the news... stuttering & spinning when asked about the fiscal (cough, cough) irregularities at Attawapiskat. Truth is... I wouldn't trust this woman to run the cash register at the local Tim Hortons.

For what it's worth, though... her crowning public relations achievement has to be...
unbelievableThe only thing Chief Atleo's obsequious, unconditional support of Chief Spence accomplishes is to bring his own judgement (or, more to the point, lack thereof) sharply into focus.

And hey Gloria... that "community of fewer than 2,000 people"... isn't that figure actually 1300 souls? What do you get when you divide that number into $90,000,000?

There's a victim here the media chooses to ignore... the Canadian taxpayer.

If the PM wants to make some real points with the Canadian people at large, he'll stick to his principles and insist on a full audit of these funds.


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"The sin, she says, was challenging the dogma maintaining the aboriginal industry: that natives are special; that their traditions possess enlightened ideals and crucial wisdom that must not only be protected, but encouraged."
Even if it destroys them.