08 December 2011

And Karl Marx wept

Isn't this actually a bit of an anti-socialist solution?
• Attawapiskat • "In a letter, Turmel said now is a moment they could come together as parliamentarians by, among other things, calling in the army to deliver much-needed assistance to a community in crisis."
Now, Nycole... how about we wait for our aboriginal brothers & sisters to hear back from the United Nations before we launch Operation Enduring Victim.

But, heck... who am I, huh?

Let's ask a Canadian think-tank...
Mark Milke, Alberta director for the Fraser Institute, said neither discrimination nor a lack of money account for the problems in First Nations communities.

"When you give money to the top and then ask them nicely to distribute it to the bottom, are you really surprised that it doesn't make it to the bottom?"

"The victims are those who unfortunately sit on reserves and are subject to that sort of gamesmanship, which comes along with the way the institution is set up."
Here's a question nobody seems to be asking... "Does Chief Spence live in a plywood shack with no plumbing?"

Please tell me... 90 million taxpayer dollars later... somebody... anybody... at Attawapiskat has a flush toilet.