14 January 2010

Two words...

...that should never be used in the same sentence... trust AND junkies...
Most clients in New Brunswick methadone treatment programs have to go to a drug store daily to drink the liquid in front of a pharmacist. But some clients, who are considered stable, are allowed to take multiple doses home with them.
If methadone is such a wonderful solution to this problem... why aren't we treating pedophiles with pornography?

And one last thought.

Try to imagine the uproar & outrage if this toddler had picked up a loaded gun and shot herself. That'd be a whole different ballgame, huh?


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Remember when you were a kid... and people were murdered for being model citizens?

Yeah... me neither.
Toronto police arrested two young men in the shooting death of Kenneth Mark, an anti-violence activist shot in the back of the head last month. A third suspect remains outstanding.

A 16-year-old boy and Lamar Skeete, 19, have been charged with first-degree-murder.