04 December 2009

So, shredding people like coleslaw...

...that's the new normal?
-- PERM -- A blast at a Russian nightclub has killed at least 76 people, according to Russian news agencies.

There were no immediate reports on the possible cause of the explosion early Saturday at a club in the city of Perm, about 1,200 kilometres east of Moscow.

UPDATE@16:25: That's some cherry-bomb
The agencies quoted law enforcement officials as saying the blast had been caused by firecrackers.

And another...
-- Islamabad, Dec. 4: -- Attackers lobbed grenades and opened fire on worshippers, mostly active and retired military officials, at a mosque in Rawalpindi during Friday prayers.

At least 40 people, including some children, were killed and more than 83 wounded, the military said.