26 December 2009

Back from the Boxing Day trenches...

...and Neophyte is now the deliriously happy owner of an ($50.00 off) Xbox360... he's immersed hip-deep in Halo as we speak.

Picked up a flatscreen tv that can also be hooked up to the laptop... so I'm pretty pleased myself. Mrs N & I will be making another trip shortly to look for an mp3/fm tuner music player... lately, she's been listening to podcasts at night to fall asleep. I've heard good things about the Sandisk.

I was pretty worried first thing this morning that we were gonna have a problem with our sloping 200 meter driveway... after 15 hours of freezing rain... but the holiday gawds were apparently still smiling upon us.

Best wishes to all who have emailed or commented here... I hope that your Christmas was enjoyable as ours.