22 December 2009

Hey, Jacko... you think maybe...

...there might be a reason for that whole separation of Church/State thing?
-- OTTAWA -- The New Democratic Party called Monday for the restoration of $7-million in government funds to KAIROS, a mainstream Christian religious organization.
Call me wacky, my Dipper friends... but how about we consider letting Canadian taxpayers off the hook here?

Maybe this thing could be funded by... I dunno... mainstream Christians?


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"There was the small problem of their website, rife with calls for political war against Israel, and links to groups who lacked KAIROS's Canadian sophistication about how to phrase their bigotry in the soothing tones of diplomatic gibberish."

"About a week ago, one of their more sober friends obviously told them, 'maybe you should lose the kauft nicht bei Juden business'."