03 December 2009

Mrs Neo needs snowtires

As a longtime truck/SUV owner... I confess I don't have a lot of experience with snowtires. Between 4WD, my big-lugged, stiff-walled light truck tires and my admittedly outsize opinion of my wheeling skilz... I don't usually... blizzard be damned... have problems going wherever I wanna go.

But this one isn't about me.

Mrs Neo... after a sustained period of happily doing Miss Daisy... is back on the road in her latest acquisition... a snazzy, much loved Japanese sub-compact we have dubbed "the Koala."

To Mrs N, the Koala is not just a car... it is a talisman. This car fits her in a way that our SUV never did. It is the vehicle some good friends very generously sold to us after Mrs N realised its magical properties.

Alas... the one thing it lacks is serious rubber. So we are now on a mission.

Anyway... any advice anyone might have about winter boots for the new ride would be greatly appreciated.