18 December 2009

It's only (taxpayer) money, right?

You wanna brush up on "Human Rights 101"... you've absolutely gotta scoot on over to Kampala.
"What did Langry’s total travel and hospitality expenses cost taxpayers of this nation in 2007?"

"Answer: $73,024.40."
Fire... them... all.


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The bill, proposed in October, would vastly expand an existing law banning sex between people of the same gender.

Among other punishments, it provides for the death penalty for people who engage in homosexual sex with a minor or while infected with HIV.

LAST WORD: The Lynch Mob rides again
The following year she made another trip to Geneva, this time to consult with the likes of countries like Bangladesh, Cameroon, Cuba, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Saudi Arabia.

The last country, by the way, is about to execute two men for the crime of “sorcery”.