28 December 2009

Now, I'm just spitballin' here...

...but aren't the courts supposed to keep innocent people... rather than, say... convicted cocaine dealers... out of prison?
-- TORONTO -- The lanky, fast-talking street person had evaporated into the streets of downtown Toronto last July, after his arrest on cocaine-trafficking charges, and missed three consecutive court dates. Few judges would have considered taking a chance on him again.

“My client was very fortunate that the stars lined up for him,” Mr. Thibault's lawyer, Steven Dallal, said afterward. “His counterpart in an ordinary court would probably not have been released.”
So now we're skewing the legal system... based on a person's racial background?

Meanwhile... in other Planet Pinko fairy tales... the media once again reveals shocking "death squad" news...
A large swath of a Scarborough mall parking lot was cordoned off after a man was shot and killed by police outside a movie theatre Sunday night.
Oh man... Toronto cops just randomly execute people?

Wait, hang on a sec... there's a bit here at the end of the article...
There was also a report the man was seen in the parking lot with a gun before police were called.