16 April 2007

New CBC "Blogger/Reporter" in town...

And she wants to know if I'm part of the International Zionist Conspiracy.
The Angry Reporter/Reporter en Colère said... You seem to take the Israeli issue to heart. Are you Israeli? It could explain your reluctance to accept the Arab perspective, no matter how much you think it's fraudulent.
Am I Israeli?

I guess that's "reporter code" for, "are you one of them"..."are you a Jew?"

Because, apparently, in her world... only a racist Jew would be reluctant "to accept the Arab perspective".

I do have to confess, my best friend of twenty odd years was born Jewish, but alas... he's even less religious than I... and oh yeah, Ms. Cranky Pants, his family have been Canadians since the late 1800's.

Who is the Angry Reporter anyway?

From the single post she has made at her own blog thus far, you get a few hints...
I've been a news reporter for some 20 years for several news outlets, but mostly for a large Canadian public broadcaster whom I won't mention (duh!). I'm quite proud of what I do for a living.

I also hate conspiracy theorists and people who accuses us of having hidden agendas and systematic liberal biases.
You get a further whiff of her "character/agenda" from the dozen, that's right, twelve comments she has left so far at my post on the Media Vultures circling the bodies of dead Canadian soldiers at CFB Trenton.

Oh yeah, one last thing. If the Angry Reporter had taken a few moments to actually look at my previous blog entries... what is known in industry as "due diligence"... she would have seen that I am Scots/Irish and a failed Catholic.

She wouldn't have had to ask if I was "one of them", you know... "a Jew".

One of those "filthy conspiracy theorists" that she has to do battle with.

Which explains quite a few things about the CBC.

(note: all pronouns changed to "the feminine" as "Angry" has now felt compelled for some reason to bring my alleged gender bias into the exchange)

UPDATE: "Let the speculation begin"

From the comments...
Brian Lemon said...

Let the speculation begin . . .
Former CBC reporter - perhaps Radio Canada - as is bilingual.
No indication that it is a man, could be a woman.
Recent departure from CBC / RCI as a political reporter.
Quick Google search??
The Angry Reporter replies...
"PS, you say you're Scottish-Irish."

"Can I assume you're already drunk?"
Oh please, please, please Cranky... keep digging.

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