11 April 2007

Aboriginal entrepreneurial spirit...

Is alive and well.

I wish I could truthfully say the same for their customer base...
Cheap native-made cigarettes can contain dirt, metal filings and other unsavoury ingredients mixed in with the chemical stew of 4,200 chemicals found in all smokes, according to an analysis done by the federal Ministry of Revenue.

"They are pretty dangerous already," said Emily Hall of the Hastings and Prince Edward Counties Health Unit, adding the cheap smokes are often made with tobacco swept from the floor of cigarette manufacturing plants and sold illegally at clandestine auctions.

Hall said the revenue ministry analysed the cheap smokes and found metal filings, along with dirt and wooden-like pieces of tobacco plant stems.
Funny, the "poisoned pet food" scandal has been getting screaming headlines for weeks... but the first I hear of this is from our small local paper. What's up with that?

Any idea how much federal funding, aka "taxpayer dollars", have been funnelled into this elaborate "bait and switch" scheme ? Me neither.

Will Health Canada be suing these sub-standard manufacturers, to recoup the cost of treating the people who have been poisoned?

All good questions, but don't hold your breath.

RELATED: In the comments, stopthedrugwar said...
And when you said "who else would have thought of it" makes you racist.
You know what, STDW?

Here's a far better example of splitting people up, on the basis of... say -- race...
-- DALHOUSIE, N.B. -- Liberal defence critic Denis Coderre is calling on the federal government to build a Canadian Forces base for native soldiers.

"I think that we have to show sensitivity since Canada is also composed of first nations," Mr. Coderre said yesterday.
Stand by for Dummy Coderre's latest strokes of genius... the first completely segregated Tamil, Paraplegic and Gay, Lesbian & Transgendered Bases in the Canadian military establishment.

Because it's all about showing sensitivity.

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