08 April 2007

Harper on casualties...

In France and in Afghanistan.
“Sadly, today has been a difficult day in Afghanistan. We have learned that an incident has claimed the lives of six Canadian soldiers and injured a number of others,” Mr. Harper said on Sunday.

“Our hearts ache for them and their families. I know that as we gather here on Easter Sunday our hearts and prayers are with them.”

“We still live in a dangerous world and as Prime Minister, my thoughts these days are never far from Afghanistan where a new generation of Canadian soldiers” carry the torch of Colonel John McCrae, the Canadian officer who penned the poem In Flanders Field.
They will be remembered.

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They're getting pretty good at setting booby traps and running away, but every time these death-donkeys go head to head against actual soldiers... they get their asses handed to them.

LAST WORD: Killing free speech

Killing women, children and unarmed civilians is their speciality.
The Taleban in Afghanistan have killed an Afghan reporter abducted last month with an Italian journalist.

The group said it had killed Ajmal Naqshbandi as the government had refused to meet its demands to release senior figures from prison.
Allah must be so proud.

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