24 January 2012

Where are all the eco-freaks...

...on Dalton McGuinty's repeatedly broken promises to shut down the coal-fired generating stations?

"If you’re worried about climate change, stop ranting about the oilsands, which account for one-10th of 1% of global carbon dioxide emissions, and start worrying that you generate almost half your electricity from coal, which has an impact on the planet up to 70 times greater than the oilsands."
On the ironic/tragic side of the equation... it's the compassionate, intellectual big city lefty sheeple who are golluting the very air their children breathe.

Well... along with everyone else.


Anonymous said...

and while we watch the "sheeple galluters" poison and kill the ugly "tar" sands bitumen delivery and production, one must also marvel at the elimination of all the additional monies foregone that support the huge transfers and social networks that will be killed as well - and the ugly oily goop that is in situ now, will ramin, instead of the clean, white sand that has been displacing it.

Jen said...

You are damm right! Where in the hell are those eco freaks; seems to me that they 'DO NOT favour the environment. All this complaining about the environment is only a photo ops to either get recognize and or want to sell their so call green business.

But ask any of those eco freaks to give up their luxurious lives which uses or have oil in it. Drama starts.

Why hasn't the media on Dalton's case for not honouring his promises to get rid of the 'plants'?

Neo Conservative said...

more broken liberal promises and the big city eco-sheeple voted premier mcslippery in yet again.

apparently you can fool some people all of the time.


Kevin said...

In the last two Ontario elections the electorate had weak conservative leaders to choose from. Given the choice between a liberal and a liberal many like myself just stayed home.

Neo Conservative said...

it's true... hudak came off as an absolute robot... but re-electing pinochio mcslippery? seriously?


Skinny said...

um. That "70 times" number?

That's -America-. Not Ontario.

Looks like ya forget to ad the important bit:

"(In Canada, by the way, we get almost 75% of our electricity from non-emitting sources, mainly hydro power, at 59%)."


Neo Conservative said...

oh, skinny... you think that makes it okay? or somehow irrelevant?

you dumb eco-bunnies are all ready to worship at the feet of rfk jr... but suddenly america is halfway around the world.

ps... here's the point... dalton lied again... and you fools bit.

pps... you might wanna spread out the other anonymous trolls you made at the same time. next time i'll delete them all... instead of letting the one through.


Anonymous said...

There is a huge difference between committing to close the coal plants (which Ontario has committed to do) but taking longer to do it than expected due to problems with replacing the power, and opening numerous new coal plants.

That's why the "eco freaks" as you would call them are not protesting as loudly about McGuinty's tardiness as they are about Harper's claim we are traitors if we want to do anything that might cost the oil industry a dime. The same nonsense surrounded taking the lead out of gasoline years ago, yet we somehow survived that massive attack on the economy.

climatecriminal said...

looks like champagne socialist eco-fools won't give up their computers either.

Frances said...

Skinny - hydro is rarely 'non-emitting', particularly as the water rises and drowns the vegetation. Also, flooding the valleys displaces wildlife and agriculture. It is not that environmentally friendly, just generally removed from urban centres and so looks 'clean'.