14 January 2012

Are you an eco-gourmand?

Pest controller Paul Parker moved from Newcastle to the south of England to trap grey squirrels to provide restaurants.

"If I was getting 100, they would take 100 each and every day, the demand is so high."

"They are sold as soon as they hit the counter."


Anonymous said...

What about black squirrels?

fernstalbert said...

I have a recipe book from the Trappers Assoc. of Fort St. John, BC, that features squirrel and other "wild" delicacies. lol

Rich said...

Davy Crockett .....here we come.

Frances said...

He should move to Canmore and bag the bunnies. Jugged hare - yummmy.

Neo Conservative said...

i guess this is simply a recognition of what a large part of the world already knows... meat... regardless of it's origin... is simply another source of protein.